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      Zirconia grinding
      • Zirconia grinding
      Zirconia grinding

      Product description:


        1, very low wear (ppm) amount, to prevent material contamination.

        2, suitable for high viscosity, wet grinding and dispersion of the occasion.

        3, high grinding efficiency.

        4, a long service life to make its integrated operating costs low.


        1, high strength, high toughness products: magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramics, dielectric ceramics.

        2, to prevent pollution: medicine, food, cosmetics.

        3, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant products: coatings, textiles, pigments, printing and dyeing.

        4, ceramics: electronic ceramics, refractory ceramics, structural ceramics.


        Spherical: Sφ 0.1-0.4, Sφ 0.4-0.6, Sφ0.6-0.8, Sφ 0.8-1, Sφl, Sφ2, Sφ3, Sφ5, Sφ7, Sφ10, Sφ12, Sφ15, Sφ20, Sφ55mm

        Column: φ3 × 3, φ5 × 5, φ7 × 7, φ10 x10, φ12 x12mm

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